By U. Neiss

The latest version of Open Social helps you adhere to and implement the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

These functions are already available to support you, while other functions, such as the option to export your personal data, will follow:

Open Social GDPR features overview
Privacy is important to us! Open Social has implemented several new features that will help site managers comply with the new European General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR):

  • Consent to data policy: site managers can create and update their data policy, and regular users are able to provide or withdraw consent to the data policies. 
  • Inform user data usage: site managers can add blocks to explain which personal information is collected on the sign-up page, the settings page, and the edit profile page. 
  • Disable user profile fields: site managers can disable and clear the data of default profile fields (such as email address, phone number, etc.). This allows communities to collect as little personal information as possible.
  • Improved delete account and remove personal data feature: the delete account feature of Open Social has been improved by informing users clearly which information is deleted, anonymized, and retained. There are also several technical improvements to make sure it works in a reliable way. 

Read more about the GDPR and our compliance. 


GDPR 28/05/2018