By U. Neiss

With Open Social, crowd-creation provides the ideal conditions for modern online communities. With the upgrade of the underlying Open Source CMS Drupal to version 9, crowd-creation keeps old and new customers up to date.

Communities have, in recent years, become increasingly important in the online world. Exclusive online platforms offer companies a variety of possibilities for internal and external communication. In Germany, for example, according to the 2020 Social Media Atlas, 18 percent of social media users aged 16 and over are already members of customer communities. However, even with that, this technology's potential is far from exhausted. According to a survey by the market research firm Toluna, almost half of social media users can at least envision themselves using such a community. However, to many companies, the development of a community platform presents a challenge whose effort and expense exceeds company resources. With SocialBox, based on Open Social, crowd-creation offers a simple, reliable and flexible way to create online communities on the basis of open source technology and to run them as coworking platforms.
More than 1000 active platforms are already using Open Social and give employees, business partners, customers, club members and the organizations that connect them access to the dialogue, exchange of knowledge and collaboration that make communities a unique digital tool. In just 88 seconds, crowd-creation clearly describes the possibilities and advantages of designing and running an online community with SocialBox in a video on (German only).

Open Source CMS Drupal provides the basis for Open Social. With the upgrade of the free software to Drupal 9, the design community is bringing the code up to date. The upgrade first and foremost includes improvements that address security issues, but also features an overhaul of the dependencies on third party provider elements in order to permanently guarantee their functionality.
As the support for Drupal 8 is going to end in November, is implementing the upgrade of active communities to Drupal 9.
"We are well prepared for the final upgrade", explains Ullrich Neiss, CEO of crowd-creation GmbH. "With Drupal 9, existing communities stay enduringly safe and functional while new projects profit at the outset from software of the highest standard."

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