One platform with seven languages and seven countries!
The food experts

With the founding of "The Food Experts" in the summer of 2013, the first market research community based on Drupal Commons 3.x went online.

Do you only understand Chinese? Then it's probably because the community was programmed for China, Thailand, Indonesia, Brazil, the USA, Turkey, and Germany. The new goal was to maintain a community platform in which every country can independently operate and moderate content but where the management systems are implemented centrally. Along with the many technical challenges, the user interface of the community had to be available in all of the languages and translations were introduced accordingly. This is no small task for someone who cannot read most of the languages and for whom even the characters are unknown.

The community was developed on behalf of Kantar TNS.
Goal of the community: To test and develop new ideas in the field of system catering.

Kantar GmbH


Building a market research community solution

Programming of online surveys

Continuous maintenance & support