- the research community of Mercedes-Benz in China

After 5 successful years of being the market research community for Mercedes Benz in Germany, the existing community platform for the Chinese market has been adjusted and it is available in Germany online since March 2016.

悠享车生活是 TNS 新华信提供的用于分享及探讨汽车相关信息的平台。

  • 在这里,您能与众多汽车爱好者和汽车研发专家互动,共同探讨现在和未来汽车市场的发展!
  • 您的想法及建议将很有可能影响未来汽车设计的发展!


Thanks to the excellent possibilities of Drupal, creating multilingual solutions as the translation of the user interface was the smallest problem in the project. To install a web server in China behind the government firewall was a major challenge, which could be effectively achieved through the use of Docker and virtual containers.

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