Wed, 07/05/2017 - 10:06 By U. Neiss

The Google-developed "Progressive Web Application“ (PWA) is gaining further relevance and is supported by more and more browsers.

We employ this technology in the Community-Box to send push notifications to the community members, for example, when new posts have been created in a topic which they have subscribed.

A major advantage is that there is no need for any installation on the device; the user only has to agree once to receive notifications. Then push notifications are shown without the necessity of an open browser. The push notifications do not only work on mobile devices but also on desktop PCs.

Sending push notifications aims an increased user interaction rate with and within the community, and to keep them informed of current events.

Since push notifications can only be sent via secure https connections, we are offering free Let's Encrypt SSL certificates with our hosting service.

Push notification on Desktop and Android device