Let Us Build Together Your Own Community

Our Offer to You

Individual Adjustments

The Community-Box and Open Social solutions “out of the box”, represent to us just the starting point for your individual community platform and therefore reflecting the minimum costs for which we can offer a community solution to you.

The Community-Box convinces with its modular structure, flexible configuration, and the possibility to employ more than 10,000 modules available in Drupal for adding further functions.

And in case there is a needed functionality missing among the existing modules, we will program this function for you.

The Right Hosting Solution

Your own community can be run on our servers, your own servers, or on servers of our hosting partners. Our servers and the servers of our hosting partners usually are located in Germany, in any case in the EU, unless you would like to run a global community and server locations outside of the EU would be advisable for performance reasons.

The hosting costs depend on the size of your community, the desired availability of the web servers, and the service level agreement.

At the upper end of hosting costs stand enterprise systems with multiple redundancies and a guaranteed availability of 99.99%, upon request spread over global regions

Maintenance & Support

We provide you with a community solution free of license fees, in return the minimum contract term for maintenance and support is one year. During this year, the stated below hours for maintenance & support will be available to you. Hours not used will expire. Within this time allocation, we will keep your community platform up-to-date, make sure the backups are running, and be there for you.

After one year, you decide whether you wish to keep on using our maintenance & support service, make use of only the hosting, or move with your own Open Source Community Software entirely.



To find a custom-fit community platform for you, a comprehensive consultation is necessary. Here we will work together to address your needs for a community solution.

Which features do you need? Which existing systems must be integrated? Who are the key users? What must be taken into account when designing the architecture? Which infrastructure is recommended? How will the permissions management look?

We will stand by your side to answer such questions and determine the best case for you.



The needs have been identified and the requirements clarified, now comes the implementation.

Using our many years of technical expertise we will efficiently and methodically turn your wishes into reality. We take responsibility for everything from programming to project management to coordination of external services.

In a time period of one to twelve weeks the roll out will be complete and your community ready to use.



Once your system is up and running, we will show you how to make the most of it.

Whether you are a community moderator or an administrator, we can work together on "best practice" examples to make the use of your system as simple as possible.

We will gladly come to your company for one or two days to personally prepare your employees in charge for their new tasks.